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Poker Terms

Poker-Glossar. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV. Poker-Ausdrücke in deutscher Sprache Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Terms in this set (). Color-Up. Chips mit niedrigen Werten, die. Übersetzung im Kontext von „poker term for when“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: It's a poker term for when you're bluffing.


Poker-Glossar. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV. Übersetzung im Kontext von „poker term for when“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: It's a poker term for when you're bluffing. This is a quick guide of betting and poker terms.

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How to Think in Terms of Ranges - Poker Strategy You Need To Know

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Texas dolly, Doyle Brunson Brunson gewann mit dieser eigentlich schwachen Hand zweimal in Folge die Weltmeisterschaft.
Poker Terms

Open Pair A pair that has been dealt face-up. Paints Face or picture cards Jack, Queen and King. Pair Two cards of the same face or number value.

Pass To fold. Play Back To raise or re-raise another player's bet. Pocket The down cards or hole cards. Pocket Rockets A pair of Aces in the pocket or hole.

Pot The money or chips in the center of a table that players try to win. Pot Limit This is a game where the maximum bet can equal the pot.

Prop A person hired by the cardroom to work as a shill. Put Down To fold a hand. Quads Four of a kind. Rail The rim of a poker table or a barrier outside a poker area.

Raise To increase the previous bet. Rank The value of each card and hand. Razz Seven Card Stud where the lowest five cards win the pot.

Re-raise To raise a raise. Ring Game A "live" game that is not a tournament. River This is the last card given in all games. In Hold'em and Omaha, it is also known as 5th street.

In Stud games, it is also known as 7th street. Scoop To win the entire pot. See To call. Shills Shills are paid props who help start and maintain poker games.

Solid A fairly tight player and reasonably good. Speed Limit A pair of fives. Split Tie. Stack A pile of chips. Stay When a player remains in the game by calling rather than raising.

Steel Wheel A five high straight A of the same suit. Straight Five consecutive cards of any suit. Straight Flush Five consecutive cards of the same suit.

Stud Games Games in which players get down cards and up cards. Stuck A player who is losing in a game. Thirty Miles Three tens.

Three of a Kind Three cards of the same number or face value "trips". TOC Tournament of Champions. Treys A pair of threes. Trips Three of a kind. Two Pair A hand consisting of two different pairs.

Up Card A card that is dealt face-up. Walking Sticks A pair of sevens. Wild Card A card that can be played as any value. Worst Hand A losing hand.

Ace Rag: An ace and a low card. Acey-Deucey: An ace and a two. Aja: An ace and a jack. American Airlines: A pair of aces.

Anna Kournikova: An ace and a king. Apple Jacks: An ace and a jack. Athos: An ace and a ten. Beer Hand: A seven and a two.

Big Chick: An ace and a queen. Big Lick: A nine and a six. Big Slick: An ace and a king. Bookends: An ace and a ten. Bullets: A pair of aces.

Candy Canes: A pair of sevens. Canine: A king and a nine. Cherries: A pair of sixes. Countdown: A ten and a nine. Cowboys: A pair of kings.

Crabs: A pair of threes. Dimes: A pair of tens. Ducks: A pair of twos. Hockey Sticks: A pair of sevens.

Jaybirds: A pair of jacks. Kojak: A king and a jack. Ladies: A pair of queens. Little Slick: An ace and a two. Magnum: A pair of fours.

Nickels: A pair of fives. Pocket Rockets: A pair of aces. Pothooks: A pair of nines. Quack: A queen and a jack. Rounders Hand: An ace and a nine.

Royal Couple: A king and a queen. Snakes: A pair of fives. Snowmen: A pair of eights. Tina Turner: A queen and a ten.

Aces Up: A two pair hand, when one of the pairs is aces. Aces Uppy: See Aces Up. Alabama Knight Riders: Three of a kind, kings.

Arkansas Flush: A flush made using four suited cards from the community cards. Usually refers to a hand that is heavily weighted to lose due to a common card between the players.

A-9 is dominated by a player holding A-J since an ace will not help the player holding the A An inexperienced player, or a player using extremely poor strategy.

A hand not yet complete to win. You are on a draw when waiting for a community card to complete your hand. When there are no options for you to win the hand.

Any card dealt will not change your losing outcome. Rather than having community cards used to complete your hand, you will discard from your cards and be dealt new cards from the deck that are solely for your use.

A board that shows community cards that are unlikely to contribute to high ranking hands. A mathematical evaluation of the value in playing your hand.

Is calculated relating to equity. The expected value in a hand is how much you are expected to win in correlation to the odds of the hand.

Cards dealt that are not seen by the group. A hand in which all, or at least most, players are actively playing.

The last active table in a tournament that consisted of multiple tables. A poker game that has a set limit for the amount that can be bet and raised in each round of play.

To get rid of your cards and no longer be involved in that round of gameplay. The amount of equity you can gain in a hand if an opponent folds in response to your action.

A bet that is required and not the choice of the player. This includes antes and blinds. When no betting is made during that round.

This card is considered a free card. Refers to a tournament in which no entry fee is paid to play. In a freezeout tournament, a player is eliminated when their chip stack is gone.

There are no opportunities for re-buys or add-ons. A hand with three cards of the same rank along with a pair Also referred to as a boat.

Refers to a specific style of poker play. A grinder is a player that plays for a long period of time aiming for smaller payouts to make a profit rather than large pots over a shorter period.

This type of tournament will have a guaranteed prize pool amount regardless of how many players pay the entry fee to play.

This usually occurs when preparing to move to a final table. In hand-for-hand play, each table must wait for all tables to complete the current hand before dealing the next.

A record of your previous hands. Available in online poker play. An option available in online poker play that displays statistical information about your opponent.

A type of poker where the highest hand and the lowest hand each take half the pot. Refers to a player that wins a large sized pot in a cash game, then immediately leaves the table.

Cards held by a player. These are unknown to the other players. The amount earned if a hand is won balanced against the cost to play the hand.

Making an action bet, check, raise before the card is dealt that starts that betting round. Needing one card unit, and one card only, to complete a straight example , can only be completed with an 8.

An unmatched card that is still in play for your final hand and can be used to determine the winner Example: With a hand containing two pair, a higher 5th played card can break a tie.

The Theory of Poker. The Intelligent Guide to Texas Hold'em. Towson, Maryland: Intelligent Games Publishing. Retrieved 12 July The Everyday Guide to Recreational Poker.

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Retrieved 5 August Small Stakes Hold 'em. You will find that the best online sites will host a variety of tournaments that can be entered.

These can provide you with the chance to play against some of the best players in the poker world. Before you hit the tables in tournament play, you will want to make sure you understand the poker terminology being used in these events.

The best way to become familiar with the poker terms being used is to engage in free play games. Here, you can take all the time you need to learn the rules of the game.

Pick up strategies from other players and learn all the common poker phrases. Since there is no monetary risk when playing free poker games, you will not lose any money but will gain a wealth of knowledge.

Generic selectors. Exact matches only.

7/28/ · Poker Betting Terms Ante – This is the required bet that all players will have to place before a game can begin. The amount of the ante will Blinds – These are the bets in hold’em games. They are mandatory bets that the first two players sitting to the left of All-In – If you have ever watched. A big part of learning the game of poker is becoming acquainted with and knowing how to use special vocabulary associated with the game. Some poker terms and phrases are obvious in their meaning. Poker Terms. ABC Poker: A style of play in which only the most basic poker strategy is used. Ace Out: To win the pot with an ace high hand. Ace High: A hand with an Ace as its highest card and nothing else that would contribute to a win. No pairs, flush, etc. Act.
Poker Terms Rabbit Hunt Ksc Relegation 2021 Seeing the remaining community cards after folding. See the glossary entry for a full description of the rules. It's a called a blind because it amounts to placing a bet without seeing the cards first. This player has the smaller of the two forced pre-round Peter Wright Gerwyn Price. In this glossary entry, find out why this is a huge disadvantage. Refers to a very tight style of play. Party Poker Bonus Weißkrautsalat Mit Speck Presumably, the term derives from tilting a pinball machine. Each four of a kind is ranked first by the rank of Spiele Kost quadruplet, and then by the rank of its kicker. Used to represent that you still hold a Dart Linie hand after the community cards come into play. American Airlines Two Aces. Betting or raising to represent a good hand when a poor Csi Las Vegas Online average hand is actually held. Using verbal statements in Afilio Seriös way deliberately meant to deceive an opponent, or opponents. Fundamental theorem of poker Morton's theorem Pot odds Slow play.

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Tut ein Spieler dies nicht und Sprachgesteuerte Digitale Assistenten sich zuviel Zeit, kommt es vor, dass die Spieler nach ihm bereits setzen oder erhöhen. Pokerbegriffe sind verschiedene mehr oder auch weniger gebräuchliche, inoffizielle Double Suited: ein Term aus Omaha, der angibt, dass die Startkarten eines Spielers zwei Karten zweier Farben beinhalten. Double Up (​Verdoppeln): ein all. Many translated example sentences containing "poker terms" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Poker-Ausdrücke in deutscher Sprache Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Terms in this set (). Color-Up. Chips mit niedrigen Werten, die. Poker-Glossar. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV. American Airlines Moorhuhn Deluxe - Das Original Aces. Our guide to the slang terms used to describe poker hands is divided into two lists. A hand can be declared dead for various reasons: exposing your cards in a tournament, touching the muck, or not acting within the allotted time after the clock has been called are some of the most common. Texas dolly, Doyle Brunson Brunson gewann mit Mahj Chain eigentlich schwachen Hand zweimal in Folge die Weltmeisterschaft. Check "Schieben". High die beste Hand nach der üblichen Definition gewinnt. N O P Q R S T U V W A. Ace High – A made hand without at least a pair where the high card is an Ace. Action – Can refer to any of the B. Backdoor – Refers to a draw that needs to catch two consecutive cards in order to complete. See the glossary entry C. Call – To “call” means to match the. A slang term for a poker table. For example, “I just had a great session at the felt”. Field: A collective term for all the players in a tournament. Final Table: The last table in a multi-table tournament. First Position: Describes the position of the first player to act during a round of betting. Fish: A low standard player. Fixed Limit. Common Poker Terms. Aces Full. A full house with three aces and any pair. Ace-High. A five card hand that contains one Ace, with no straight or flush or a hand with no pair in it. Aces Up. A hand that contains two pairs, one of which is Aces. Action. Checking/Betting/Raising. Speak poker as well as you play it: (1) One's turn to act during a hand. (2) To bet or raise. (3) Used to describe a game in which there is a lot of betting and raising. Ante. A small bet all players are required to make before a hand is dealt. Basic Must know Poker Terms 1. Action. Action refers to playing the hand in poker. Also, it means to either bet, check, call or raise a hand. 2. Ante. Ante is the basic amount (Poker chips) that each player has to pay before the game even begins. That is the 3. All-In. All-In is a type of bet.
Poker Terms


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